The following letters are a sample of those received

from some of our former students and are

  reproduced here with their permission.

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Our thanks to these very special people, and all of the

others who have made our work so worthwhile.


"During my training to become a P.S.H. therapist I have been stretched and challenged. As a result I have a new level of understanding that has enriched both my personal and professional life in exceptional ways.

I am finding that I am noticing elements of subconscious experiences everywhere and its immediate relevance in my clinical interactions now stand out like neon signs. It is almost like I have learnt this new universal language. I would go so far as to say that the first module at the very least is a must for anyone serious about making a difference in the health care industry.

I am finding that I am reflexively thinking twice before I say something and am more aware of the possible associations that the people around me may have to what ever I am saying and implying.

The handouts and notes are the best that I have ever had in any course of study. The encouragement and support that I have received from very experienced teachers and mentors will never be forgotten."

P Williams (NSW)

"Having just completed the final module of my P.S.H. training, I write this testimonial in appreciation of the huge effort Greg Brice has put into ensuring that we, his students, have finely tuned skills and the ability to handle the many situations in which we may find ourselves.

Greg is delighted to share his pioneering knowledge with his students. My fellow students who travelled from all over Australia to acquire these priceless skills have become lovely new friends. Working with a model of therapy which enables our clients to change their lives and realise their potential brings enormous satisfaction and at the same time allows us to grow within ourselves as we work from our hearts.

While sometimes we all laughed ourselves silly, at other times we were stretched and challenged. Greg's drive and dedication was in evidence daily, and it is a bonus to know that he will always be there to bounce ideas off, should we ever need it."

M Duggan (QLD)

"Prior to commencement, my interest in subconscious-mind healing led me to evaluate several courses. I wanted to be satisfied that it was not some Mickey Mouse course. After speaking with Greg Brice I was satisfied I would be undertaking a fairdinkum course which would have relevant content, high standards of evaluation and above all, be practical.

The course and Greg met all those expectations. Greg is down to earth and has a wealth of relevant experience which he is only too willing to share. The course notes and supporting material are first class - very comprehensive. During the course there is adequate opportunity for practice with your fellow students under Greg's encouraging guidance.

The assignments and pracs challenge you but are by no means daunting. I found the course notes and references exciting and that Greg was always available to support you.

I travelled from North Queensland to attend this course and found it a very rewarding experience. I am looking forward to my future as a P.S.H. therapist, confident that I have been given effective skills but still knowing that Greg will be available should I need support any time."

J Hoare (QLD)

"The P.S.H. training course has been a wonderful experience for me.

Well presented information and theory, backed up by countless real life examples from a depth of experience, with opportunities to practise and develop skills and unwavering support and patience from Greg.

I feel my awareness, skills and understanding of so many elements of the human experience has grown through the training course.

I look forward to putting it all to good use, confident I have a simple yet profound framework to work with, and on-going support from a dedicated and inspiring teacher."

H Murray - (NSW)

"I have worked in numerous high-profile positions - PR in the Stock Exchange, Television Journalist and Newsreader, etc., but was constantly troubled by life-long depression. My experience with P.S.H. helped me overcome that depression - a feat no other therapy was able to help me achieve. Because of this, I felt compelled to become a P.S.H. therapist, to help others find the same answer. I went to I.C.S.T.R. (Qld) and found them to be extremely professional, helpful, caring and supportive. The course thoroughly prepared me for my new vocation and the experience and support offered by Greg Brice and Janine Budgeon, both during and after the course, was invaluable. The format was ideal in allowing the students to focus on the work without outside distractions.

Now, for the first time in my life, I can honestly say that I love my job. I would thoroughly recommend the I.C.S.T.R. (Qld) P.S.H. course, even if extra travel is involved - it's worth it!"

D Lhota G.S.P.P., C.A.C.H., B. Bus., MASTA (NSW)

"My only regret in doing this course is that I did not know about it before completing three university degrees. It has been the most useful and inspiring journey of my professional life. Worth at least twice what we paid."

J Davis B.A. M.A. Ph.D. G.S.P.P. (NSW)

"I can honestly say that this is one of the best courses that I've done - very professional in all aspects; the teaching, supervision, material content and home assignments. The very best is given and the very best is expected, to the high quality of university standards.

As a practitioner of P.S.H., I can only give my admiration and thanks to the Directors of the school for passing on this valuable tool for others like me - helping our clients make the deep and permanent changes they desire."

V Brouwer ND.,DO.,Grad Dip(Clinical Osteopathy) G.S.P.P. (NSW)

"P.S.H. completely changed my life. I felt as if I was set free emotionally and was able to start my life over. I am very passionate about P.S.H., as I had such a wonderful personal experience.

This inspired me to become a therapist, as I wanted to share this rare and wonderful gift with others. I attended the Practitioner Training Program for P.S.H. therapists with Greg Brice and Janine Budgeon (I.C.S.T.R. (Qld)) on Bribie Island in 1999. So the year 2000 was the beginning of a new career for me.

I was very impressed with the course, as it was very professional and thorough. I completed the course feeling that I had been well trained and that I could confidently commence my own practice. It is a course that requires time and dedication and at times, hard work. The end result was that I achieved far more than I believed I ever could and it gave me a tremendous sense of achievement. I feel that my life has been enriched because of it."

P Nelson G.S.P.P. (SA)

"My training as a P.S.H. therapist has been a true journey of discovery for me. Greg and Janine's teaching style guided, led and encouraged students with their endless patience, good humour and thorough knowledge of the human mind, both conscious and unconscious.

I believe this type of subconscious-mind therapy is the perfect vehicle to transport an individual towards the fullest expression of their healthy destiny.

For me, P.S.H. has proved to be a most rewarding and satisfying career choice."

K Irwin G.S.P.P. (QLD)

"Having just completed my P.S.H. Practitioner Training Program it is now opportune for me to formally thank you both.

As you know, I have previously obtained a number of tertiary qualifications and undertaken many professional training courses however, your P.S.H. Practitioner Training Program has been the highlight of my professional development. For me there are many things that has made the P.S.H. Practitioner Training Program so outstanding, some of these are:

The course material is not only excellently presented and stimulating but also well balanced between the theory and the practical; it was clear to all participants that the trainers (Greg and Janine) were professional and caring about each participant's learning; the structure and thoroughness of the course ensured that the participants became skilled and genuinely competent to undertake this important work.

The program ensured there was no easy road, the skills had to be learnt and verified by a thorough assessment process; and between modules there was continued back-up support.

I am now successfully applying the skills I have learnt. Completing the P.S.H. Practitioner training Program has taken my existing counselling and hypnotherapy practice to a new level of effectiveness and professionalism."

C Newell Grad Dip Couns., Grad Dip Clinical Hypnosis, NLP Pract, B.Ec., G.S.P.P. (VIC)

"Thank you both again for all the caring and effort you put into this past year for us. I am only now beginning to reflect back on it all and how meaningful and worthwhile this year has been for me. It is undoubtedly a life-changing event and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to participate. I am expecting great and wonderful things for the future."

L Myles RGN, Reg'd Midwife, Reg'd psychiatric nurse, Cert. Lactation Consultant Bachelor of Nursing, G.S.P.P.


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