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Introduction to P.S.H. Training - Greg Brice

Our training program is specifically designed for people who

want to become registered P.S.H. therapists.


"It answered questions that I've had for more than 20 years..."

BELINDA - Passionate about the importance of emotional healing in serious illness, Belinda undertook study with us to become a P.S.H. practitioner while undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. She experienced first hand the benefits of therapy in helping her to come through this challenging time with minimal side-effects. Her focus as a P.S.H. practitioner is to help others find emotional healing and physical relief as they navigate all manner of serious illnesses, including cancer. Starting in 2019, Belinda is now training students in P.S.H.  Visit her I.C.S.T.R. (Aust) training website HERE.



"I absolutely loved the course..."

LAUREN - During her training Lauren developed a profound understanding of the unique P.S.H. therapy model. She has witnessed the incredible changes that people have made with the help of P.S.H. The training has also been a valuable asset to her practice in birth preparation (calmbirth®), which she has taught for 4 years. Lauren has found her training as a P.S.H. therapist has inspired many changes in all other aspects of her work including all she does at her studio, "The LifePod" and within her personal life, from teaching yoga, working as a doula and being a mother.



"I was very impressed. I'm very keen to go out and apply what I've learned..."

ALAIN - After witnessing the gentle, progressive and complete resolution of a Long term depression of a family member with the help of P.S.H., Alain felt it his responsibility to learn how to help others. After completing our course he was surprised how the skills he learned had changed his life. Particularly noticeable was the way others interact with him. "It has already proven to be a huge asset." Having now obtained the knowledge and application skills of P.S.H., Alain is setting up practice and plans to focus on young adults at university.



"Most people don't realise how beneficial it can be for all walks of life..."

YVONNE - German born, Yvonne has worked as a nurse for 20 years in Germany, the UK and now Australia since moving to Queensland in 2009. She has always worked in highly specialised areas including peri-operative departments, Intensive Care Units and healthcare management. Disillusioned with the medical profession's general attitude towards treating symptoms and educating the public about 'quick fixes' with medication and surgery, she now relishes the opportunity to help clients deal permanently with the causes of their problems using P.S.H. In her own words: "I now have the great opportunity to help people discover the inherent ability and power they have to make lasting changes."



"I learnt not only what to do but how to do it and why..."

HELEN - Biographical information still to be added to Helen's interview.


"If they are genuinely interested in this sort of work, absolutely I'd recommend it..."

CORALIE - Biographical information still to be added to Coralie's interview.



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