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ABOUT p.s.h.  -  Private Subconscious-mind Healing




P.S.H. is the gentle, contemporary therapy model, specifically developed to help clients permanently resolve problems that are created in, and/or generated by the subconscious.  Based on the premise that humans are self-healing individuals, it is fully supported by the latest understandings in the fields of neurobiological science and related disciplines.

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Natural Change

P.S.H. (Private Subconscious-mind Healing) is an innovative approach to therapy that utilises the most up-to-date understanding of our natural subconscious processes. The underlying principles and philosophies of P.S.H. are grounded in and fully supported by the most recent developments in neuroscience, contemporary understandings about subconscious processes, how they function and the problems that can be caused.  These underlying principles and philosophies form the foundation of the model we use to help clients permanently resolve what are often long-standing emotional, stress-related issues. 

P.S.H. clients are not counselled or analysed. They are not asked to 'journal' or keep lists.  They are not made to do 'homework'.  They are not asked to do 'imagination exercises' or any of the other things that are still used in many therapy models to this day.  These things are almost always counter-productive where subconscious-level dynamics are involved.  Subconscious, emotional healing is a natural process we are all doing to some degree, every day (and night) of our life.  Sometimes we need a little help to handle the 'bigger' issues and P.S.H. has been specifically developed to fill this need.


Drug Free, Gentle, Non-invasive

P.S.H. is the natural, drug-free, safe and gentle modality that is progressively replacing more traditional forms of subconscious-mind therapy methods. It is a well established and proven method that is designed specifically to help clients resolve the underlying emotional causes of their presenting problems permanently, rather than merely helping them cope with the symptoms.  The P.S.H. model respects the natural dynamics of the human mind by recognising that the subconscious is a very private part of us.  Unlike many other models, there is no analysing of clients' past history or the uncomfortable feelings and experiences they have encountered.  This is never necessary for true, positive subconscious healing and the ongoing emotional integration and development that inevitably follows.  All improvements are allowed to take place naturally within the subconscious part of the person.  What many people do not realise of course, is that everyone has the resources to do this when given the appropriate help.

Although the method was not named P.S.H. until 1994, the current therapy model has been successfully practised in Australia by the Principal course trainer of this school since approximately 1983. Our course content comes directly from that clinical experience.  See the Course Format information on the About Training page.

The procedural and philosophical foundations and principles of P.S.H.

are based on widely accepted, contemporary, scientific understanding.

Proven results

P.S.H. has proved to be an exceptional subconscious-mind therapy model, with respect to the quick and permanent resolution of problems based in and aggravated by the person's subconscious.

With the help of P.S.H., thousands of people have now gained permanent relief from problems they had been unable to let go using conscious effort and will power, various medications, conscious-level counselling methods and/or other psychological/subconscious-mind therapies.

This has been verified by independent outcomes-monitoring carried out since 1994 with many thousands of clients.  See the clinical monitoring section below.


Independent Clinical Monitoring

The clinical results of P.S.H. have been independently monitored and researched in Australia since 1994, using anonymous client feedback received from thousands of people. Statistics show an amazing percentage of consistent, positive, permanent results, which are in most cases unequalled with clients of other methods.

Details of this important initiative are included in our Course Outline and/or the link immediately below.

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development of p.s.h.

● Developed in Australia

Two Australian therapists, working independently and initially unknown to each other, developed the basic concepts of P.S.H. as it is known today. The late Francis (Frank) J. Wright (author: Emotional Healing - P.S.H. a new therapy for the new millennium), and Gregory L. Brice, (author: Healing Your Feelings - with the help of P.S.H. therapy) had both practised traditional subconscious-mind therapy methods for many years. They found these old fashioned methods lacking, when it come to helping clients achieve consistent, genuine, lasting results.  Although many clients succeeded in making complete and permanent improvement, the percentage was not high enough to justify the continued use of those techniques.

During this time, through a process of cautious, independent and systematic development of the methods and techniques being used, both therapists were able to help a greater number of people obtain the positive, permanent results they sought.


● Clinical Development and Early Training

In 1989 these two therapists combined their understandings and techniques. Following further refinement and changes, (all developed in the clinical setting), the new therapy model was introduced to other practitioners in 1990. Experienced therapists were taught the new approach during a series of workshops. Further fine-tuning took place as training continued and by 1994 the method had evolved so far beyond traditional techniques, it was re-named Private Subconscious-mind Healing (P.S.H.) to better reflect the nature of the model.

At that time, the structure of the training program was broadened to include students with no prior knowledge or experience. The original workshop format was expanded to cover a much wider range of common issues and re-designed to satisfy the requirements of a complete, vocational training program. Since then, P.S.H. is being successfully practised by a growing number of therapists throughout Australia. The clinical results are closely and independently monitored and continue to clearly show an extraordinary level of efficacy; not only in terms of the number of people helped, but also in the percentage of permanent, positive results gained by those clients. Added to this, most clients only require between one and three sessions of help to gain the success they seek.


● Gentle, Private and Recommended by Clients

Clients are not subjected to the probing and analysis inherent in many traditional methods and therefore do not have to suffer the emotional trauma so common to various forms of analytical and other common approaches. Therapy is much quicker and more comfortable, making clients more inclined to recommend P.S.H. to their friends and other family members.

Therapists who adhere to the authentic, current P.S.H therapy model never advertise or use other therapy methods with P.S.H.

The Principal trainer's practice has supported itself exclusively by client referral since the mid 1980s.

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