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I.C.S.T.R. (QLD) Privacy/security policy:

We guarantee that your personal details, including name, address, phone number/s, email address, credit card details, and any other information collected from you as a result of submitting any details to us, will be kept completely confidential and used only where required to process your order or inquiry.  No third party of any kind will have or be intentionally given any form of access to any of the information you provide, except (in the case of ordering goods) for the financial institution/s through which payment for your order is processed, where this is necessary.  We also guarantee that any/all of your details collected by us will be securely and properly destroyed, immediately your order or inquiry has been processed and completed.  We take pride in everything we do, which includes protecting the privacy and security of people who visit this website and/or have dealings of any sort with I.C.S.T.R. (Qld) and any of its legitimate associates.  We CANNOT however, vouch for the principles, practises, integrity or honesty of any website or its owners that may have directed you to the I.C.S.T.R. (Qld) site, or any third party websites or organisations involved with any transactions you undertake with us.

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Last update:  January 2019



If you become aware of ANY issues with privacy or security please contact us