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There is only ONE, genuine P.S.H. therapy model.  It was developed entirely in Australia, (see Development of P.S.H. in this site) and is practised in Australia by a growing number of trained, qualified practitioners.

False claims

In recent years an increasing number of people are claiming to be P.S.H. therapists and some who even claim to be teaching P.S.H. therapy to others, who have never been trained in the method themselves.  Unfortunately, this now applies both in Australia and some other countries.

Possible confusion

There is also a number of other therapies that have been deliberately given names very similar to P.S.H., being advertised on the internet and other media.  Some even claim to be the same as P.S.H.  This is simply not true.  Our concern is that these other models may appear to the uninformed, to be P.S.H. when they are not.  We do not say those other methods are no good, however we ARE concerned that people may be confused and we are concerned that in these cases P.S.H. is being seriously misrepresented.  If you are not completely sure what is and is not genuine P.S.H., please contact us.

The genuine model of P.S.H.

The genuine model of P.S.H. therapy is ONLY taught in Australia and from 1998 until 2018 training was conducted by International Centre for Subconscious-mind Training and Research (Qld) - the publishers of this website.  The therapy method itself, has been practised consistently and effectively in Australia, by the principal course trainer of I.C.S.T.R. (Qld) Greg Brice, since approximately 1983/4 and more recently by a growing number of qualified P.S.H. therapists.  Click the Genuine Model link in the right margin for more information.

Beginning in 2019, the model is now being taught under licence by Belinda Hawkins of I.C.S.T.R. (Aust) in Canberra. 

Recommended therapists

If you are in ANY doubt as to what is or is not genuine P.S.H. therapy or whether a particular person is a qualified P.S.H. therapist (and has remained up-to-date with the latest methods), please contact us through this site.  You will find our contact numbers and email address on the Contact Us page and other places in this site.  We can supply a list of recommended therapists if you are seeking help with P.S.H.  We will only ever recommend therapists who remain abreast of the current methods and application used with P.S.H.

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"Not only does God play dice,

but... He sometimes throws them

where they cannot be seen."

- Stephen W. Hawking


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