Dynamic Therapy Scripts EXTRA has been written primarily as an addendum to the original Dynamic Therapy Scripts (DTS).

Dynamic Therapy Scripts-Extra, book coverLike its counterpart, it is also written for professional subconscious-mind therapists who want to supplement their skills and deliver the very best help they are capable of delivering.

This E-book includes all of the dialogue offerings contained in DTS, along with many extra scripts that have not been published previously.

• It is suitable for therapists using hypnosis, TimeLine, Ego State, Parts & similar therapies.

D T S EXTRA has been streamlined and made easier to read by eliminating most of the educational components contained in the original DTS.

• In response to overwhelming feedback from readers of DTS, all of the dialogue scripts HAVE BEEN MADE PRINTABLE in this new program.

• Like the original DTS, this book is fully searchable. To find any word, phrase or subject, anywhere in the book, simply type your word and click.

• You will find no advertising hype, hidden agendas, adware, spyware or unsubstantiated claims in this book - just good old fashioned, down to earth honesty and lots of quality information from the clinical experience of someone who simply wants to help you make a true difference.

• This book would be of no value to people seeking the help of therapy. It is not a self-help book. It is for therapists who want to deliver the highest quality subconscious-mind therapy possible, to their clients.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: Like DTS, this program is designed to run on a Windows-based PC with Internet Explorer installed. Without the necessary additional software, it may not run on other systems. SEE THE BOOKSHOP PAGE FOR A LINK TO THAT SOFTWARE.

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