DTS and DTS - EXTRA E-books


These two E-books are compiled in an authoring program with an .exe file extension.  This makes it possible to include the many 'teaching aids' that form a major part of both publications.  It operates like a 'mini' website.  In most cases, a simple mouse click will instantly reveal further information about the subject you are reading, without you leaving the page — the same as this popup window you are now reading.

Two important things with 'exe' files are that:

1/ These E-books will only work on a Windows® based system, unless you have special software on your computer.  There is a link on the Bookshop page for this free software.  Similar software is also available elsewhere on the Internet.

2/ Some people are reluctant to download .exe files, because they can contain unwanted data that should be avoided.  Some computer security systems will therefore warn that these files can be dangerous and may not allow download until you authorise it.  This is easily done by you at the time, by simply following the prompts to continue.

We guarantee our E-books DO NOT contain any malicious material, advertising, third party links or anything else that could be harmful to your system. We stake our unblemished reputation on it.

If you want any further information about this, please feel free to contact us by phone or email and we will assist in any way possible.  Our contact details are on the Contact us page.

We hope you find these E-books to be a valuable asset in your work.    Close this window